Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure the safe and reliable transportation and delivery of Liquefied Natural Gas through experience and innovation, while causing no harm to people or assets and demonstrating a commitment to protecting the environment.


QLNG Transport, LLC (“Q-LNG”) was formed to own and operate assets providing marine transportation of liquefied natural gas (“LNG”), commencing with a long-term contract with Shell Trading (U.S.) Company to deliver LNG as a fuel source to various ports in Florida and the Caribbean. Q-LNG is focused and dedicated to deliver extremely safe transit to all the ports it will service, and committed to being a leader in the development of LNG infrastructure in the United States and abroad.

Q-LNG has contracted with VT Halter Marine, Inc. (“VT Halter”) for the construction of America’s first offshore LNG Articulated Tug and Barge (“ATB”). The ATB will be constructed to meet the requirements of the International Gas Carrier (“IGC”) code and is designed to carry 4,000 cubic meters of LNG, with the barge having dimensions of 324’ x 64’ x 32.6’ and the tug having dimensions of 128’ x 42’ x 21’. The ATB will be an integral part of the LNG infrastructure development in the cruise entertainment industry and designed to provide ship-to-ship transfers of LNG to vessels utilizing LNG as a fuel source, and also ship-to-shore transfers to small scale marine distribution infrastructure in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and abroad.

The ATB construction project will rely heavily on the collaboration between VT Halter and Wärtsilä, who will be delivering a large scope of equipment to the project. Wärtsilä’s deliverables for the barge include all of the cargo handling, cargo control, and cargo containment system as well as the PMS and automation onboard. The supply for the tug includes all of the bridge navigation, communications, and dynamic positioning equipment as well as thruster, PMS and automation.

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